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Truth In Day Care is not just a local, regional, or national platform but applies worldwide.  It is Jackie's dream to become Mrs. International so she has a vehicle to push her platform throughout the world as the ambassidor for children.​ Jackie is the current Mrs. Georga International!


Continue the work already started in the US house of represenatives and US Senate to have truth in day care become a Federal Law!


Blue Heart Medal
The Blue Heart Medal is the first ADB Foundation child decoration awarded to the littlest soldiers. It was established by Jacqueline Boatwright in honor of her son Anthony DeJuan Boatwright who died as a result of injuries sustained at a licensed child care facility. In the English language, blue often represents the human emotion of sadness. The Blue Heart Medal symbolizes the void that is left in the hearts of parents from the loss of their child; yet serves as a reminder of the child’s life and the parents never ending love. The Blue Heart Medal symbolizes the little soldier’s life and serves as a true representation of the importance of protecting children who attend child care in our country. The ADB Foundation Blue Heart Medal is designed and modeled after the Purple Heart and is to be awarded to a deserving child hero who was severely injured or who died while serving in the line of duty of being a child.


Our goal is to raise the standards of childcare services by requiring higher standards from child care centers. Children are our greatest commodity, therefore the ADBF believes that quality child care should be a priority.


To Educate and Assist Day Care Centers in striving to offer their children the safest enviornment for the children we trust in their care.​  We offer the ADBF Certification for all facilities that meet our standards.

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