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Our goal as a foundation is to accomplish the following:

1. To further the advocacy of Anthony DeJuan Boatwright's plight to protect children who attend child day care centers by working to ensure the child care environment is safe for the children who are entrusted in the center’s care.

2. To assist parents of children with special needs and parents of children who have been harmed while attending childcare, due to lack of economic or educational standing in finding programs of assistance.

3. To assist parents in the processes of advocacy by educating parents on information regarding programs, rights etc and inspiring them towards advocating on behalf of children.

4. To advocate for the rights and safety of children who are institutionalized based on medical necessity.

5. To provide funds for under-privileged and special needs children to attend child day care at state licensed and insured day care centers that meet the standards of The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Foundation.

6. To provide funds to organizations that support special needs and or medically fragile children, and children who have experienced near drowning.


Mission Statemant

The mission of The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Foundation (ADBF) Foundation is to address issues affecting the rights, safety, health, and well being of disadvantaged and/or disenfranchised children in America through advocacy; to further the child care advocacy of Anthony DeJuan Boatwright; and provide funds for economically challenged children to attend state licensed, insured child day care centers.  This mission shall be accomplished by implementing the following:  Advocacy, Education, and Inspiration to others.

Jackie Boatwright-Daus

2675 North Decatur Road

Suite 501

Decatur, Georgia 30033

(770) 596-9500

Atlanta Georgia Office

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