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ADBF Certification

The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Foundation Child Care Seal of Approval Certificate

We take pleasure in providing this certificate to centers that go above and beyond in providing quality child care.  Once a year the foundation will recognize a center for its standards and award them for considering the little lives that are entrusted in their care.

For centers to receive certification, a child care center can apply to be awarded or the center can be rewarded based on research implemented by the organization.

1. Center must be insured and current with payments in the minimum amount of $100,000.00

2. Center must disclose its procedures for safeguarding children, such as chemical storage, sterilizing toys, emergency evacuations.

3. Center must disclose its procedure for staffing its facility such as if it conducts criminal background checks, does it check references, or motor vehicle reports for drivers.

4. Center must disclose if there have been any civil or criminal complaints against it within the last 2 years, whether the complaints were resolved; and what action plans were taken to resolve the complaints

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