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JACKIE BOATWRIGHT has dedicated herself to protecting children who attend day care in our country and the world at large.  Her son Anthony DeJuan was found head-first in an unattended bucket of mop water at his Georgia Liscensed Child Day Care Center in 2001. Undiscolosed to her, was that Georgia did not require liabiliy insurance to get a liscence in Georgia. Other states also do not require insurance. She led a one woman crusade for TRUTH IN DAY CARE and changed the law in Georgia in 2004  for diclosure to the parent that the daycare does not carry insurance.  Later, in 2006 Jackie campaigned to have a similar law passed in Virgina. She is working to get TRUTH IN DAY CARE as a FEDERAL LAW where day cares in the United States have to disclose to the partents that they do not carry liability insurance so the caregivers can make an informed decision to use the facility or not.

Latest project

Jackie is currently Mrs. Georgia International and she is using this porsition to promote her Platform of Truth In Daycare and Child safety. It is her goal to become the Mrs Internatioal so she can te the Ambassidor for the children of the World.

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